About Indigo Nine Jewelry | Why Indigo Nine?

Why Indigo?
Indigo- The often indistinguishable color between blue and purple.

Indigo- A person who has come into this world to create a positive change and assist in the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Indigo- A plant that has been historically sought after for its beautiful dye.

Indigo- A highly spiritual color representing honor, devotion, intuition and the Third Eye Chakra.

Why Nine?
Nine- The highest single-digit number.

Nine- A highly spiritual angel number that sends messages of life's purpose and one's divine path.

Nine- The number of completion and fulfillment.

Nine- When multiplied, 9 always reproduces itself.

Nine- The symbol of truth.

Why Indigo Nine?
When I was young, I used to dream of having my very own jewelry business where I'd sell handmade creations to people and they would be able to feel all of the love I put inside of them whenever they wore them.

Fast forward to years later, somewhere along my spiritual journey, I had begun dabbling in crystal work and adorning myself with waistbeads, something that my Ancestors had done long before me.

Indigo Nine Jewelry was created because I (@WestIndieRay) woke up one day and realized that I had created three unique commandments for myself to live by.

1. Never do anything based out of fear.

2. Never do anything you don’t like.

3. Never put limits on yourself... at all... ever.

That day, with the understanding that I could never fail by giving to the universe what it asks of me, I decided to quit my job and manifest something amazing in my life for myself, and for others.

I have personally felt the effects of crystal work, and want to provide a product that would work magic in people's lives, regardless of what their intention was when they chose to wear them.

I want to give us all a way to honor the Ancestors in our everyday practice. I want to give someone, anyone, you... a reason to feel good every single day. A reason to feel beautiful and loved... By others, but especially by yourself. An advocate for self-care, I know how important it is to treat yourself, and adorning with pieces that are just as beautiful as they are beneficial to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical life is just the way to do it.

I created Indigo Nine Jewelry for the lovers and for those who long to be loved. It is for the shameless as well as it is for those who are working through shame. It is for those who are "new" to their spiritual journey as well as those who understand that they have been on their paths since way before they became intentional about it. Indigo Nine Jewelry is for YOU, and I hope that you enjoy it.

If you choose to, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your journey toward your highest self as I work toward mine. Asè.


About Our Owner


Ragin, known online as WestIndieRay, is a Social Media Specialist specializing in Radio Promotions and a YouTuber who has a great passion for helping others along her divine path. With the understanding that she has not fully "arrived" to her highest self, she works diligently every day to learn and align with her destiny. Ragin believes in true love, that spiritual connectivity is a birthright and that "whatever is for you can never be un-for-you," as her West Indian mother often says. She is a passionate and caring individual with a deep passion for the Black community and healing the bonds that have been broken over years of generational trauma. She understands that it is time to get back all of the lost pieces in order to heal our ancestors before us, thus healing ourselves and honoring our children after us. She is honored to be part of your journey in doing so.